We are beta launching our app in Google Play

Posted by: Admin
Date: March 30, 2020

Today, we announce our app launching in Google Play that will be available this week or two and within a specific region only. Our mobile app has only captcha solving and no surveys as of now. We will plan more about the features of our app.

We understand that you get tired of waiting after finishing solving 30 captchas, so we added a feature that will let you do some task to eliminate your waiting time. Isn’t that great? You don’t have to wait for hours to solve again, just simply finish the task and then you can solve it again.

All are welcome to particpate during beta stage.

Web vs Mobile App

You can use the web version if you are on a computer or desktop pc which has more advantages in terms of usability and scalability. You can easily navigate and solve fast in a pc. Web offers more details in your account dashboard unlike in the mobile app which is limited. Mobile App disadvantages are: you can’t register using the mobile app, you can’t edit your details, see fewer details in your account dashboard, and you can’t use the forgot password function if you don’t remember your password. But on the mobile app, you can eliminate the waiting time just by completing a task as mention above. So now have an overview of what is good and bad for you in terms of using our app.

Stay tune for more updates about the realse.