What is Veycaps

Veycaps is an online captcha solver that helps you improve your efficiency in solving captcha from a website that is protected with anti-bot. Not just your efficiency but since our type of captcha is a comparison image, it will also help improve your eyesight or determining an object, places, and more.

An online tool that will practice your self from solving comparison images which are very confusing. While you are answering captcha, you also get points each time you get it right. We want you to be motivated in solving captcha so you have to get high points to be in the leaderboard. Being in the leader board proves that you are good at it.

Below is an example of a captcha:

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How it works

Solving captcha is very common these days, you solve captcha before you log in or submitting a form. Captcha prevents bots and helps the website make it secure. Captcha is also a type of challenge to ensure that the activity or action is generated by a human being. In here, we will make your self get a better experience in solving captchas, especially the captcha type image comparison which you will select images according to the given query, we use a third-party app to make it possible called hCaptcha. The more you can solve captcha faster, the more you can save time.

By solving it correctly, you will earn points, the more captcha you solve correctly, the more points you earn. If you will earn a lot of points, you will be at the top of the leaderboard. The leaderboard helps determine who has the highest points in solving captchas. Leaderboard will be reset each time, so make your self up there.

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